Clarence Arthur McCann June 8, 1891 - June 2, 1947

Clarence Arthur McCann was born in Pembroke, Hants County, Nova Scotia to Arthur Frederick and Ella Jane (Carmichael) McCann. He grew up in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada.

He married Ada May Smith on July 27, 1912 in Falmouth, Nova Scotia and together they had 14 children.

In 1915, Clarence travelled to Fredericton, New Brunswick to enlist in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He embarked for England not long after and remained overseas for almost four years. While there, he wrote many letters home. Over 100 of them survived and have been transcribed. The originals have been donated to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

I offer these transcriptions to those who have ancestors who served in the Great War so they might have a glimpse of what that life was like for these men.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

RIP Robert Ellis McCann 1933 - 2011

I received word that my uncle Bob, Clarence's son, passed away last night.  He was 77 years old and had been ill for a while.

Bob was only 14 when Clarence died and he went to live with his sister, Ruth.  Ruth passed away in November.

Bob did the original transcription of Clarence's letters and distributed many copies amongst our family members.

RIP Bob.  You will be missed.  Gone but not forgotten.

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