Clarence Arthur McCann June 8, 1891 - June 2, 1947

Clarence Arthur McCann was born in Pembroke, Hants County, Nova Scotia to Arthur Frederick and Ella Jane (Carmichael) McCann. He grew up in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada.

He married Ada May Smith on July 27, 1912 in Falmouth, Nova Scotia and together they had 14 children.

In 1915, Clarence travelled to Fredericton, New Brunswick to enlist in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He embarked for England not long after and remained overseas for almost four years. While there, he wrote many letters home. Over 100 of them survived and have been transcribed. The originals have been donated to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

I offer these transcriptions to those who have ancestors who served in the Great War so they might have a glimpse of what that life was like for these men.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

April 11, 1915 - Fredericton

Dear Father:

Only a short one.  Had you not better see D.W. MacLean and get John's address from him, then write stating the case re F.Drake.  Ada will only get her P. money from Mr. Russell and will get her S.A. from the Govt. direct.  On March 31 she got $13.87.  I signed on Mar. 6 and this is correct if they figure 30 days to the month.  She should soon get her S.A. now.

We are regarded as part of the 2nd Contingent, I believe, and when I signed on I requested $25.00 of my wages to go to you.  The major was doubtful about it but said he would try it.  Since that, Ada wrote me saying Mr. Russell (I presume) said I would have to send my wages to her to bank; then I saw the major, he said for me to come in when he was not busy and we would change the card to her name and in that case you will have to use your Power of Attorney and draw from the bank when she deposits.

We had a pay day last Tuesday but I was inoculated that morning and went to the Armouries for clothes in the afternoon.  Was taken sick about 5 and went to bed.  The major took sick next day and went to the hospital and has not come back yet.  (See Lela's card.)  So I have not got my money yet but expect it any day and need it soon, too.  We have to get all our clothes altered so they will fit and have to pay ourselves (mostly shortening sleeves).  I have a bad cold in my head from sleeping in this barn of a place but feel great outside of that.  I drank the green tea they give us at first and suspect there is saltpeter in it.  Anyway, it nearly ruined my kidney before I found out what was doing it.  Well, the inoculation settled there and I hardly dare move for four days now.  I buy a glass of milk at the canteen and am feeling fine.  After meals I take a kidney pill.  I feel very sorry about that mare but you can make it right with Victor.  I guess my job will last long enough.

I get the papers all right and am mighty glad to.

The drill has increased, so we do not have much time to get lazy now.

I will send you $20.00 this month, I guess I will need the balance.  They stop back $10 for clothes for six months, so I will get $26.60 more again.


P.S.  Have a talk with Rev. Mr. Martell about that money when you get a chance.

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